A Totally New Perspective

We have worked tirelessly researching, sourcing and designing our new range of shorts. This collection merges my two passions, the environment and fashion. It was not an easy task to introduce the products at a price point that justifiable. We strive to become Australias first sustainable fashion line that is affordable for all.

2019 marks the start of making SevenC’s environmentally conscious. We are have introduced shorts that utilise recycled plastic bottles and turn them into fabric. We are absolutely sure you will love them. They are soft, quick-drying, hardwearing and exceptional in and out of the water.

New to 2019 is our packaging. All products are now shipped in 100% compostable packages. There is not one gram of non-biodegradable material.

With your support, we donate 2.5% of the sale price to the Australian Marine Conservation Society. 2% of the profit is used to purchase carbon offsets in order to strive to become carbon neutral.

The shorts have paved the way for us to introduce sustainability into our business plan while keeping costs down. I thank you for supporting an Australian Owned business that is paving the way for sustainability in the fashion industry.