10 Tips for an Eco-Holiday

10 Tips for an Eco-Holiday

The thought of an upcoming holiday is usually what makes going to work a lot less painful. But if you feel like there is more than one cost (other than that one to your bank account) – I feel you, that environment cost. Three quarters of the year, we’re an eco-warrior. You know, smirk of judgment you give to the person who didn’t bring their keep cup to your local coffee shop or the co-worker who keeps “forgetting” their reusable water bottle. It seems like we all love the environment until we jet away. We use enough plastic bottles to fill our very own pacific garbage patch and not to mention the carbon footprint of your flight. Still, it’s kinda hard to feel guilty when you’re watching the sunset over a tropical beach with your third mojito in hand. So to try and combat that post-holiday environmental regrets, so we have come up with our top ten tips of how to have a more eco holiday:

1- Swap out your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo toothbrush ( if you are organized and have your old plastic toothbrush, please reuse and not go out of your way to buy a bamboo one!) We recommend – Fauna & Flora .

2- Remember those plastic bottles you’re going to use? Well, let’s offset some of those by buying sustainable swim shorts which are made out of recycled plastic bottles. We, of course, recommend our SevenC’s eco-friendly shorts. They are comfortable, quick-drying and will make you look and feel like that eco warrior you talk about 👅 buy here – sevencs.co/swimwear.

3- While on the topic of water bottles… take a reusable plastic bottle. We would recommend a litre bottle. Now please google ahead if the water is safe to drink. Nothing worse than spending more time on the toilet than out exploring! We recommend – Shop Naturally.

4- There aren’t many better feelings than having a Cotton earbud stimulating your ear canal. Since they are made out of plastic, they would take thousands of years to breakdown ( unless they end up a turtles nose). A couple of seconds of pure bliss is followed up by thousands of years breaking down on the earth. But fear not there’s a reusable alternative found here – EBAY.

5 – Take your own bags – An easy one! No plastic bags for you – AMAZON.

6- Ditch the single-use cotton wipes – Replace cotton wipes with Fauna & Flora

7 – This is one you don’t have to pack in your suitcase… Simply switch off your appliances. Now don’t get trigger happy and go around turning off the fridge or security cameras because well your holiday blues are going to be 100 times worse coming home to the smell of rotting food.

8 – Imagine landing in your holiday destination and being taken straight into customs and being charged for drug smuggling… kinda dramatic but never say never #justinbeiber. But instead of plastic wrapping your suitcase, you can now buy reusable suitcase covers – JETBLACK.

9 – Look for hotels and other accommodation with effective waste treatment systems, that recycle, that are energy efficient, and, where possible, that use environmentally friendly energy sources such as solar energy or hydroelectric power – Don’t be throwing that towel that you’ve only used once on the floor to be washed.

10- To be a true eco-hero you can go beyond this list and buy carbon offsets, to offset your flight carbon footprint. To Learn about carbon offsets check in to our blog next week – Learn more.

The list is created to be an attainable, sustainable change. It is a behavioural change which may seem strange at the start but will soon become a habit and will feel natural.

Have any other easy holiday sustainability tips? We would love you to comment them below. 👇

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