Recycling – Coins for containers

Recycling is one of those things that take seconds from your day but makes you feel great for hours. Like yeah, I am a hero. Those three plastic bottles are avoiding landfill – Cya in a couple of months in a new pair of SevenC’s boardshorts 😉

But even for the savy, recycling isn’t for the faint-hearted. It is kinda confusing. Can I? Can’t I? Should I? Little fun fact for you, pizza boxes cannot be recycled due to the grease from the pizza (more ya know and that!). Another fun fact for your Wednesday (or whatever day you discovered this blog, but wtf we post on a Wednesday are you really not subscribed???). 44% of the litter found in Western Australian waterways, parks and highways can be recycled for $$. If you’re like me and exercise is more of a chore than a pleasure, then okay, entrepreneur, this could be something for you.

In Western Australia alone, there 1.3 billion eligible containers for cash each year. Don’t worry, I’ll do the math. That is 130 million on the table each and every year. Stuff a gap year, travel around WA collecting containers for a year! Okay, this is kind of a selfish mentality. You can donate it to charity if you so choose. Not sure if it’s tax-deductible, but I’m sure, if it was, Twiggy Forrest would have an army (or ten) collecting. Damn, you might see me out there if he sues me for saying that.

So, tilting away from personal benefits, let’s look at the environmental service. The impact recycling has on the environment means reducing waste, meaning less energy spent processing it, reducing ecological impacts when creating new products—no mining new products, using Olympic-sized pools of diesel digging up dirt or oil.

The less waste in our landfills is obviously a great thing but avoiding plastic bottles would be the best-case scenario. Also, check the labels and make sure they are the correct bottles/containers for recycling (a cheeky check is usually the 10c symbol on the back).

Although the containers for coins is an excellent incentive for people not to litter. It does have SevenC’s wondering about the footprint that recycling here in WA has on the environment. There is little to no information on where the recyclable products are sent to after the deposit. In the coming blogs, we are going to investigate the “environmental” benefit of recycling. Stay tuned.

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