Frequently Asked Questions


How long will it take to receive my order?

Please refer to Shipping information by clicking here.

Where is my product being shipped from?

All products are currently being shipped from Perth, Western Australia.

What is your return policy?

Click here to read our Return’s Policy.

How will I know my size?

A size chart is available on each product page. Alternatively please see the size charts below for your convenience.

Please note our shorts are tapred resulting in a slim fit.

Can I collab with SevenC's?

We love talking to like-minded people who love our brand. To discuss collaboration,s, please head over to our SevenC’s Association page and fill out the application and one of our team will reach out ASAP.

Sustainability FAQ's

The shorts are made from recycled material- do they feel the same?

Absolutely! Our shorts are soft, quick drying and light. You wont notice a difference… but the environment will! 

Why recycled plastic bottles and not plastic marine waste?

We have chosen to opt for recycled plastic bottles for a couple of reasons. 

1- Traceability. We are able to identify the recycling centres from which we have the ability to trace back to the area where the plastic bottle was thrown in the recycling bin. Whereas the discarded ocean waste is often untraceable. 

2- Environmental Impact and Cost. Can you imagine fishing out a three tonne ghost fishing net from the ocean onto the boat and then transported to our textiles centres? The cost to the environment and consumer is unfortunately too unrealistic. 

Is your packaging plastic free?

We are very proud to announce our packaging is 100% plastic free! Our mailer and product bags are home compostable! To learn more about our sustainability practices click here. 

P.S – Please reuse our shorts packaging pouch! (Great for storing your sandwich in)

Is the shipping carbon neutral?

The products that are sold within Australia are shipping carbon neutral! To learn about more click here

Are you going to expand your line of sustainable clothing?

Defiantly! SevenC’s has made a pledge to our customers and the planet to only produce sustainable products. We are working around the clock to get our name out there and to grow into Australia’s biggest sustainable fashion line.